We offer dog training for Hunting/Sporting dogs as well as family pets throughout March till September.

We have three primary programs for dog training:

We utilize specific training fundamentals for all dogs based on the science of behavior and behavior modification. We utilize both Operant and classic behavior conditioning for obedience and field work, but we design a training plan based around what you want out of your dog. Obedience training can be tailored to your desires. We can use treat based “clicker” reward training, slip or pinch collar reinforcement, and/or E-collar, depending on the owner/handler’s preference.

We prefer to conduct an evaluation of your dog for all gun-dog training and develop a training plan for you and your dog based on its current level of training and abilities. All dogs (and handlers) learn at different paces, so we focus on training sessions as often as you desire and “homework” assigned to conduct before the next session to evaluate and advance to the next step.

Our board and train program is a monthly based flat rate. Your pup stays here on our property and trains 4 days a week on field and bird training as well as 4 days a week on obedience and conditioning. Our facility has 2.5 acres fenced and a kennel facility for the dogs daily play area and a on-site training field set up specifically for gun dog training. The dogs that are boarded here also benefit from socialization with a lot of other dogs and people. We focus on quality over quantity and only accept 6 dogs per monthly session.

Our wild bird exposure program is offered to clients with a pup trained up to the level of a well started dog (by our standards). We find that people often get their dog trained but do not have the time to hunt them enough to get that critical piece of wild bird exposure for a newly trained dog. We can evaluate your pup and if ready, we board them here during hunting season and assign them to one of our guides. Your pup will get multiple days a week of wild bird exposure on all three species of quail here and hunt with seasoned professional hunting dogs. Call to discuss details


Rates for the 2024 training season are $75.00 per session plus birds for basic gun dog training. Training sessions average 2-4 hours in length.

Private 1 on 1 obedience and handler training can be scheduled on a case by case at your home. Rates for private sessions are $150.00 per session plus a travel fee for over 30 miles.

Board and train rates are currently $1500.00 per month with all food and birds included.