Your Upland Guides

And their dogs...


Well, that’s me to the left. Owner and primary guide for LRO. I grew up hunting and fishing in northwest Georgia. I moved to AZ in 1998 and never plan to leave. Upland hunting is an absolute obsession for me. Big game hunting puts meat in the freezer, chasing birds and training dogs are what I love. I worked in the fields of emergency medicine, search and rescue, and law enforcement for over 30 years. I recently retired from 23 years of service with the United States Border Patrol Special Operations Detachment where I served as the Deputy Commander and an Austere Paramedic. I began guiding and training dogs as my plans to stay busy after retirement. Now I enjoy sharing my passion for upland hunting and hunting over well trained dogs with others through guiding. Click here to view my pups.

Emmanuel Sandoval

I got into hunting and fishing at a young age thanks to my father. Most of our hunting took place in Southern and Central California. I always enjoyed (and still do) big game hunting but when my dad took me out to my first dove hunt, that’s when I fell in love with wing shooting. Shortly afterwards we became owners of a GSP and moved onto quail and chukar. Watching our dog work threw me down the “upland rabbit hole” even more. My job brought me to southern Arizona in 2007 and I’ve been chasing quail in the desert lowlands and rolling hills ever since. I have 16 years’ experience in the federal law enforcement field which has me working in the remote areas of the Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties. In 2017 I met Kelly (owner of LunaRita), and have been involved with the company ever since. all my pups have been trained through LunaRita and put up some of the best dog work out here (my biased opinion). I’ve been chasing quail for a good part of my life now, but it doesn’t matter how many times we hit a covey, when my dogs go on point I still get that rush as if it were the first covey. That’s a big part as to why I like guiding…giving the clients that rush and excitement of hitting some Southern Arizona wild quail over some great dog work for their first time or 100th time.

Patrick Moore

Pat is entering his third year with LRO. He began his guiding career in Western Nebraska, working with his father in the Uplands of the High Plains. He has extensive experience with Sharptails, Pheasants, Prairie Chickens and, of course, all three species of Arizona quail. Pat and his pack of Brittanys take great pride in providing clients with a quality hunt.
In addition to guiding on birds, Pat is currently in his 30th season as a Hotshot/Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service.

Billy West

Billy grew up in Livingston, Montana where he spent his childhood hunting big game, upland
birds, waterfowl, and fishing with his father, an avid outdoorsman. Shortly after high-school
Billy enlisted in the Army and served as an infantryman until he retired 20 years later. After
retirement Billy began guiding fly fishing and upland bird hunters in his home state of Montana.
He now runs a flyfishing outfitting business through the spring and summer and guides upland
bird hunting in the fall. Billy Lives in Manhattan, Montana with his wife and two boys. In his
free time Billy enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, fishing, and hunting.