About Us

How It All Started

I have been a resident of the great state of Arizona for 25+ years and am an avid hunter. Upland hunting is my passion. Arizona bird hunting all started for me with dove, then gambels, scaled, ’til you hit the top of the upland hierarchy (at least in my humble opinion) Mearns. After bird hunting afoot on my own, I started working with dogs, training them, etc. until my hobby had slowly consumed my life. …And I have never been happier.

The idea for the company started with a conversation about retirement. I needed to develop a plan for my retirement from law enforcement and emergency medicine. I also wanted to do something I loved. This followed a day of hunting with friends that had used guide services and said they were more successful and had more fun hunting with me and my dogs (their words, not mine). A couple of years later, here we are – LunaRita Outfitters, LLC – and the opportunity to share my passion for upland hunting with others.

LRO started in the 2013-14 hunting season and has grown tremendously. We have added guides, Additional services to include big game and professional dog training. We have hosted clients from around the world with plenty of satisfied clients from across the states and internationally. A great deal of time is spent scouting, if you’re willing to put in the boot time, we can all but guarantee to put you on birds. We know the habitat and the quarry well and all of our guides dogs are second to none. We will find the birds- Can’t guarantee that you can hit ’em…………They are wild birds and don’t always cooperate with our plans for them.

What We Stand For

LROs business practices are founded on understanding that guiding and outfitting is a service industry with heavy ties to the hospitality side. You are our customers and we are providing a service. We strive to ensure that service to be a cut above the rest. We aren’t doing you a favor, you are paying us for quality and good customer service. Listening to horror stories from clients around the country about guide services and outfitters helped us build the solid practices LRO operates on. We strive to provide our clients with a quality wild game hunt experience, regardless of quarry sought or experience level.

If you are looking for a fun, safe, wild, upland hunt, working over well trained dogs and shouldering up for some flushes, come on out and let’s have a great wild hunt experience and make some memories.

If you are looking for a quality big game hunt with some of the hardest working and best guides available, give us a call to set up your guided or fully outfitted hunt

As we have grown and developed relationships with repeat clients, we have also added guides to expand our services. Our guides are screened, trained, and work under contract strictly for LRO under a code of conduct and performance expectations. All are very experienced with well trained dogs. See “The Guides” page for more information on who will be taking you out.

What LRO Isn't

LunaRita Outfitters isn’t hung up on tradition. Don’t care if you bring an auto-loader, pump or a fine break action as long as you hunt safely over our pups. I have a lot of respect for fine guns, well bred/trained dogs, and the sport of upland hunting. I just don’t subscribe to some of the stereo-types surrounding the sport. I run “meat dogs”, meaning they are strictly hunting dogs. I don’t compete them in field trials, I don’t belong to any dog clubs. I don’t need a trophy or ribbon to know what my dogs can do and am very proud of them. The only people that my dogs need to prove themselves to are me and our clients. What LRO runs are well trained and fantastic hunting companions. My personal dogs are all rescues, adopted, trained, and live in my home.

On the big game side, we don’t do canned or high fence hunts. We offer true wild hunting experiences. This requires work on your part. We are going to hike and hunt these animals as it is meant to be done. No UTVs, No feeders. You will earn your take and have a true western wild game hunt with great experienced guides.