Arizona Upland Hunts

Arizona is our bread and butter. It’s where we started, where we live, train, and scout the most.

Our Arizona upland hunts are primarily based in Southern Arizona and we focus on the three species of quail located there-
Gambels, Scaled,and Mearns quail.

We also conduct some hunts in northern and central Arizona as requested, but those are only for Gambels quail. We will recommend a lodging location based on the species you desire to hunt.

Arizona is our home turf. All of our guides are local to the area and know this quail country extremely well. We spend more time scouting and finding new pockets of birds than any other service in the area. Our Arizona quail hunts are second to none.

If you desire the “Arizona quail Slam” (All three species) we are happy to accommodate that as well.

We hunt in Arizona for early dove in September and most of the quail season. It’s a little too hot and snakey early in the season but by mid November it is getting cool enough to make for an enjoyable hunt experience.