Big Game Equipment Recommendations

Below is a generalized list of what to bring. Your assigned guide will contact you direct to discuss in detail and answer additional questions


  • ​Day pack of preference but big enough to carry the gear you choose to bring as well as your food and water for the day. I recommend one with water bottle holders or a bladder system
  • Quality supportive boots. (think ankle support for rocky terrain)
  • Sunscreen/lip balm
  • Clothing to suit- Layers for late season (your assigned guide will discuss)
  • Rain gear (We hunt regardless unless you say otherwise)
  • If you have a medical condition- BRING YOUR MEDS and please make us aware of health concerns
  • Binos and tripod
  • Shooting sticks or bipod
  • Rifle of choice. Recommend a quality scope. Ensure you are sighted in and functioning properly prior to the hunt.
  • 2 sources of light (ex-headlamp and small flashlight)
  • Knife
  • Multi tool can be handy
  • Batteries chargers, or battery packs for electronics
  • Enough socks for the entire hunt!
  • Snacks, trail mix, etc.. for your day pack
  • Camp shoes if outfitted
  • Sleeping bag if outfitted
  • Signed Liability waiver