Are you ready for this hunt?

Alright, This is going to be frank, but honest. This is a time to be honest with yourself. When you call and schedule, please let us know what your physical conditioning level is and your capabilities. We will guide you and get you on game, if you can walk there.

We want you to enjoy the hunt. That isn’t going to happen if you are 30 minutes into the hunt, can’t breathe and need a break. No hunt here is easy, but some areas are definitely easier than others. You also need to add weather and elevation into the equation. If on an early season hunt, it is going to be hot. Possibly real hot. This is a wild game hunt and success is dependent not only on us getting you to good areas, but you being able to hunt them.

We aren’t trying to overstate it, but we do want you to understand the physical nature of hunting here and have reasonable expectations, of yourself and the hunt. We recommend you take some time to prepare before your hunt to make it enjoyable. We recommend, at a minimum, a brisk walk 2-3 days a week, carrying equivalent weight and wearing boots for at least a couple of weeks prior. If you have a treadmill, set it on a hill climb cycle and have at it. A average full day of bird hunting will net about 8 miles at elevations up to 6000 feet up and down mearns canyon country. Also, let us know about any health issues or concerns.

In addition to the above- for your big game hunt, have you put in the range time to ensure you are dialed in with your rifle and the ammunition you plan to use. We do our very best to get you in range, but based on terrain a 400 yard shot is not uncommon. Have you shot this distance from varied positions? If on a javelina tracking hunt, have you practiced quick target acquisition shooting. None of this is required, but will increase your probability of success.

Health evaluation link below.